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Plato típico
Plato típico

“Our aim is to cultivate the art of adapting traditional food to modern times”

Cuisine has changed a lot recently, especially in the areas of presentation, creativity and innovation. The chefs in or village have met these changes without losing the essence of our traditional dishes.

In high mountain regions our style of cooking was always cyclical, the menu was planned according to what each season brings.

Autumn is the time for gathering mushrooms many delicious varieties grow in the nearby forests (see Wild Mushrooms). In addition Autumn is hunting season, local game include wild boar, chamois and roe deer.

As Winter set in people in the valley enjoyed the tradional “preserved dishes” these are mainly pork based for instance all types of sausages, black puddings, ribs, bispo (from boar) and torteta (a type of black pudding with flour. All of these dishes are delicious when cooked on embers.

When Spring has sprung our lakes and rivers are abundant with Pyrenean trout which is incorporated into many recipes, with of course some local wild mushrooms that pop up as soon as the mild weather starts.

In Summer we turn to our local vegetable gardens for inspiration from the multitude of fresh produce used in tasty first courses.


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