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Our village // Festivities

The main festival in Panticosa
The “fiesta” in Panticosa is in honour of the Virgin of the Assumption and Saint Roque.
It takes place the week of the 15th and 16th of August. Exact dates vary from year to year.

The main festival in El Pueyo
The “fiesta” in El Pueyo is in honour of Saint José de Calasanz and Saint Orosia and is celebrated on the 27th of August. There is also a one day local fiesta on the 25th of June.

Medieval Market
For many years now we have hosted a medieval market on the first weekend of July, here in Panticosa.
The village transforms overnight into a bustling open air market selling all types of traditional wares from handmade wooden toys to jewellery to cheese. Artisans and organics farmers sell their goods amid a plethora of smells, colour and entertainment.
The village is decorated accordingly and everybody dresses in costume as actors, jugglers, minstrels and glassblowers perform their acts to the delight of adults and children alike.

Carnival is time to have fun!
It is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday and in the past it was an opportunity to enjoy a last evening of craziness before the 40 days of fasting and sacrifice of lent.
It is an important festival in Panticosa as it’s also a public holiday so the kids don’t have school.
The real thrill in Carnival is planning, making and wearing your disguise, usually with a group of friends wearing matching costume.
At the carnival dinner dance there is a prize giving ceremony and dressing up continues.
Even on the ski slopes!

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